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Hey, old timer …...

Many seasoned contractors are unhappy with their accountants. This may be for any number of reasons...

Blue icon .. in our experience the main reasons for dissatisfaction are:

  • The current accountant is one of the large contractor “sausage factories” and the service has been largely commodotised and the contractor feels like a number, not a person
  • The current accountant is NOT a contractor specialist – perhaps a local high street accountant – who is not set up to deal with the specialist requirements of an independent contractor. It is common in these situations for avoidable tax to have been paid due to, for example, inappropriate salary or shareholder arrangements.

BroomeAffinity are small, but perfectly formed. We are small enough to provide you with the personalised service you crave. Each and every one of our clients has a named client manager contactable 24/7 by email and ‘phone who will take time to get to know your needs and wants and will structure our solution to fit you.

But we are also well respected experts in our field – we only act for contractors and freelancers – so we know the problems and issues you will be experiencing, perhaps even before you do. And more importantly, we know how to deal with them.

Each new client receives a root and branch review of their current affairs to make sure the shareholding is the most tax efficient, that the salary is set and the correct level and that all expenses are being claimed properly. We can also provide an IR35 opinion on your contract if you want us to.

Switching is easy: There’s no charge providing your affairs are reasonably up-to-date and you don’t even need to contact your old accountant. We’ll do that for you.

Contact us now to discuss your requirements. We’d love to hear from you.