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The Just One Week project...

In early 2013, BroomeAffinity made a commitment to the charitable and voluntary sectors by committing one week of each and every team members’ time sweat and dedication.

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Our team is made up of busy professionals with busy lives outside of the office so being able to help out good causes isn’t always possible. That’s why we launched the Just One Week Project, where all team members are encouraged to give up to one week of their time each year to help out in local charities and community initiatives.

Some may choose to put their business skills to good use by working of the finances of a local charity while other might want to help build a new community resource. But, whether it’s a couple of hours a week to go and do the local meals on wheels or a week off to climb Kilimanjaro, the Broome Affinity team are encouraged to make a difference to their local communities.

Being good at what you do is one thing. But just being good, that’s whole different thing altogether.