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Your Confirmation Statement Explained

Published on Monday, December 5, 2016 in category:

Each year, every UK company and limited liability partnership are required by law to file a Confirmation Statement. This is a simplified replacement for the Annual Return. This needs to be filed even if the company is dormant.


What is the purpose of confirmation statement?

Companies House holds certain information about every company on the public register. The purpose of the CS is to ensure that the information is accurate and up-to-date. In addition to the standard information, the CS also requires full disclosure of any Persons of Significant Control (PSCs)


What information should be included in the confirmation statement?

When completing the statement, companies need to just check the information and confirm that it is accurate, or update that same information. The information which needs to be checked includes:


  • Company name and number
  • Registered office address
  • Name, address (service address – public record, and residential address – not public record), date of birth and occupation of each director
  • Standard Industry Code(s)
  • Shareholding – names of each shareholder and number of shares held
  • Statement of Capital
  • Information about PSCs including name, month and year of birth, nationality


When must the Confirmation Statement be filed?

The CS must be filed annually. The due date is called the “confirmation date”. Normally this will be on the anniversary of your company’s incorporation. You have fourteen days from this date in which to file it.


How do I file a Confirmation Statement?

Broome Affinity clients do not need to worry about filing the confirmation statement as this is part of our service.


If you are not a Broome Affinity client, the easiest way is to file using the Companies House Webfiling service.


What does it cost?

The statutory filing fee is £13.00. BroomeAffinity do not charge for filing the return and merely pass the statutory fee on to Companies House.


What’s the difference between the Confirmation Statement and the Annual Accounts?

These are two completely different documents and should not be confused. Both need to be submitted to Companies House annually but do not contain the same information. Crucially if you are late filing your accounts, you will be fined a minimum of £150. You won’t be fined for filing your Confirmation Statement late.


Remember, Broome Affinity provide this filing free as part of our compliance service package, but we do need you to pay the £13 filing fee to us. Under normal circumstances, we’ll expect you to transfer the fee to us before we can file.